Our Team

At the heart of everything we do is a passion for people. Coupled with our core evidence-based education programs, the Impact Teen Drivers (ITD) team’s exceptional commitment to building lasting relationships is a vital force for changing the culture of driving.

Day in and day out, the ITD team partners with community members across the country to deliver presentations, facilitate trainings, and share essential materials and resources. Behind the scenes, the team continuously develops new curricula and strategic messaging campaigns designed to empower people to keep themselves and others safe. In addition to strong engagement skills and program management capabilities, our team shares the optimistic ideology that we can save lives. This conviction motivates all our education and empowerment efforts.

Through our Train the Trainers workshops, we have established relationships with outstanding individuals who have brought Impact Teen Drivers’ programs into their local communities. These remarkable individuals are devoted to stopping the #1 killer of young people and are constantly expanding their reach. Our Ambassadors are available to not only bring evidence-based programs to you, but they will also empower you with the tools needed to facilitate programs on your own. We are proud that these Ambassadors have chosen to partner with us and are grateful for their commitment to saving lives.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Ambassadors

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