Our Impact

Impact Teen Drivers is a leading traffic safety education nonprofit with the mission of saving lives by fighting the number one killer of teens in America: car crashes.

With a focus on engaging teens and their influencers, we develop and disseminate evidence-based educational materials that engage, educate, and empower individuals to make better choices behind the wheel—whether as a driver or passenger. Our vision is to create a widespread culture shift among teens and their influencers where reckless and distracted driving are recognized as unacceptable behaviors and outside of the social norm.


Number of teens and influencers we reach annually through school presentations, community events, and training workshops


Number of educational items we distribute to teachers, first responders, community champions, and teens every year throughout the U.S.


Number of safe driving ambassadors we train each year across the U.S.

We empower local champions to deliver presentations through webinars, workshops, and community events in the areas they serve.