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Understanding Graduated Driver Licensing Laws

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Washington, D.C. GRAD License Program

The DC GRAD License Program is designed to reduce the high crash risk of young novice drivers by allowing them to safely gain driving experience while minimizing the highest risk situations. Nighttime driving and carrying other young passengers are particularly dangerous situations that the GRAD License Program restricts while a new driver gains skills and experience.

The GRAD License Program allows young drivers to safely gain driving experience before obtaining full driving privileges. The Parent-Teen Graduated Driver Licensing online module brings an engaging twist to this topic, which can often be confusing for new drivers and their parents. Through videos, quizzes, and interactive elements, it outlines all areas of the GRAD License Program and educates users on the various distractions and situations that can be most deadly for new drivers. Both teens and their parents are encouraged to utilize this module to ensure that they both have a good understanding of the restrictions in place to keep young drivers safe. Thanks to the generous sponsorship from the DC Highway Safety Office, the Parent-Teen Graduated Driver Licensing online module is available at no cost for all Washington, D.C. residents. The Washington, D.C. GRAD Program includes three phases:

  • Learner Permit Phase: Supervised driving, culminating with an on-the-road driving test
  • Provisional License Phase: Limiting number of passengers and nighttime driving
  • Full License with Conditions Stage: Continued but decreased limiting of passengers and nighttime driving until a driver turns 18 years old
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Washington, D.C. GRAD Program Module
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