Teen Safe Driving

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Success In Ohio

Impact Teen Drivers supports every generation in making the conscious commitment to safe driving, and disseminating the message throughout communities so that the culture of driving may evolve to one that is distraction-free. Last week’s Ohio Youth Traffic Safety Conference embodied this ideal, with peer-to-peer messaging as the event’s focus.

With sponsorship by the Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS), State Farm, Impact Teen Drivers, and with additional support from DriversEd.com, hundreds of youth leaders from across Ohio assembled in Columbus to champion safe driving. Rather than mournfully accepting crashes as an inevitable killer of tends, the Ohio Youth Traffic Safety Conference participants focused on finding solutions to the epidemic.  

The Ohio Youth Traffic Safety Conference provided a forum for teen leaders to fine-tune their traffic safety messaging to most effectively reach their communities. They received advocacy training and gained access to evidence-based resources. Almost 30 different schools were represented at this culture-changing event, and now over 200 teen and adult leaders will be going back to their communities to implement action plans based on the "What Do You Consider Lethal?" program and other Impact Teen Drivers resources, materials, and curricula.

 The Conference included a lively opening session led by motivational speaker, Harriet Turk, and a riveting general session hosted by the incredibly inspirational, Martha Tessmer. It also offered 9 workshops that all focused on perfecting peer-to-peer messaging to ultimately change the driving culture. The conference concluded with a dynamic action planning session, facilitated by Rick Birt.

One participant tweeted: “Had an amazing time this weekend, learned so much and ready to take it to our town to teach others! @whatslethal.”

Another expressed a similar enthusiasm for ongoing advocacy: “This weekend was a great experience! Can't wait for what's in store for our school and community! @whatslethal”

The event received many other tremendously positive responses, including:

“The #OYTSC was a huge success! Great people, activities, and information. Loved it. Would love to do it again! @whatslethal”

“@whatslethal seriously have learned so much this weekend I'm glad I came!!! :D :D”