Friday Night Live

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Friday Night Live Youth Traffic Safety Summit

Saturday the 14th of September, Impact Teen Drivers partnered with the California Highway Patrol to participate in the Friday Night Live (FNL) Youth Traffic Safety Summit 2014.  We were delighted to offer abbreviated Lead-the-Leader Workshops to the attendees of this spectacular event, and even more delighted to receive such positive responses.

Our standard Lead-the-Leaders Training normally runs two and a half hours and provides the building blocks for student leaders to execute successful traffic safety advocacy projects. Projects may range from elementary and middle school mentorship programs, to parent-teen workshops, to teen traffic safety weeks. They can also choose to get involved with the Create Real Impact Contest, an opportunity to showcase art, music, video and creative writing that addresses reckless and distracted driving. This unique contest offers a platform to speak out and create real impact as well as a chance to earn educational grants for both students and schools. Student leaders can win unrestricted money for their schools if their school is one of the top three schools with the most entries.

With Friday Night Lights Groups already utilizing peer-to-peer messaging and working tirelessly to promote safe driving, this event was an ideal opportunity to support teen leaders by supplementing the efforts already being made. We were so impressed with the caliber of the students in attendance and look forward to ongoing collaboration.