Elementary School Curriculum

Although elementary-aged children are years away from obtaining their licenses, it is never too early to promote safe driving. The elementary curriculum focuses on appropriate passenger behavior—not yelling and screaming at a driving parent for example. This document contains the curriculum for elementary age children, which includes engaging and informative lesson plans, scenarios, activities, and discussion topics, as well as an adapted version for use with preschool students.

Distractopus Children's Book NEW

The Distractopus children's book engages kids in an imaginative story and teaches them a number of important messages:

  • It is a choice to both drive and ride safely.
  • It is important that you commit to buckling up properly 100% of the time.
  • Multitasking can lead to more mistakes and make completing a task take longer.
  • Simple everyday behaviors, like eating a burger, listening to loud music, or using a cell phone, become dangerous when you choose to do them behind the wheel of a vehicle...anything that takes your eyes, ears, hands, or mind off driving is dangerous!
  • There are four different types of distracted driving: visual, manual, cognitive, and auditory.
  • Watch out for pedestrians.
  • Speeding is reckless driving.
  • Speak up if you see someone driving or riding unsafely.
  • Parents are the number one role models for their children’s driving/riding attitudes and behaviors.
  • Driving laws are there to keep you safe, as are the people who enforce them.
  • It is important you share this message with other people your age; you can help save lives!