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Presentation Materials

Welcome Teen Traffic Safety Champions!

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Our program materials and resources available to educators, law enforcement, first responders, health professionals, and other community teen traffic safety advocates. Our Presentation Materials library includes evidence-based program materials for teen, parent, student leader, and middle & elementary school presentations, including presentation decks, facilitator guides, social media resources, videos and more!

Impact Teen Drivers’ programs and resources outline the dangers of reckless and distracted driving and the importance of good decision making behind the wheel using evidence-based strategies, including the importance of following Graduated Driver Licensing laws.

In order to have full access to all Impact Teen Drivers’ programs and resources, you need a Train the Trainers code, provided at the end of a Train the Trainers Workshop. If you have not attended a training workshop but would like to learn more about implementing Impact Teen Drivers’ programs in your community or discuss using these materials in your school or community setting, please contact us.

Presenter Support

Ongoing trainer support is available. In addition to our tutorial videos, please contact us for information on scheduling a training session, in person or via webinar.
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High School Presentations

Impact Teen Drivers’ programs engage, educate, and empower teens and parents to make safer choices as drivers and as passengers.

Impact Teen Drivers’ programs utilize presentation decks to engage, educate, and empower participants to be safer drivers and passengers. If your state has a state-specific webpage, please visit your state’s webpage to download customized PowerPoints.
Please note, the presentation decks are large files. We suggest downloading them on an Ethernet connection or WiFi.

Click your state to find state-specific presentation materials to support your community, including your state-specific Presentation Decks and more.

If your state does not have a state-specific page and you would like to learn more about this resource, please get in touch.

The Facilitator Guides available here allow for our evidence-based programs to be implemented as designed, easily and effectively.

Impact Teen Drivers’ programs never utilize scare tactics. Instead, the programs are designed to connect on an emotional level using stories of real teens.


Impact Teen Drivers’ programs engage, educate, and empower teens and parents to make safer choices as drivers and as passengers.

Impact Teen Drivers’ Under Your Influence

The Impact Teen Drivers’ Under Your Influence parent page provides strategies and information to parents to help them keep their teen safer on the road, including the importance of Graduated Driver Licensing and parent role modeling of safe behaviors. Visit the Under Your Influence parent page and share with parents in your community.
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Elementary & Middle School Resources

Safer attitudes and behaviors in the car start early. Impact Teen Drivers’ resources for elementary and middle school focus on the power of choice for passengers.