Upside Down

Nobody blamed him because—well how could they? He was only a kid and he didn’t know better. After the accident, his life was flipped upside down—quite literally and metaphorically. Before that day, he thought his driving abilities were beyond all others and texting while driving was second nature to him, but he soon realized no matter how good you are at driving, texting is still a distraction and it only takes one second of distraction to end a life. In order to honor her, he goes from school to school telling his story in the form of spoken word in hopes that it will prevent even one accident. Touching others with his words, he began an organization and used poetry to reach more and more people. His words were:

She changed his life forever
But little did she know
She was temporary.

It was just for a few seconds
Was what he told himself
It can’t hurt anybody.

She told him to put it away
She pleaded with him and
He didn’t listen.

For his social life,
He traded the love of his life
He’s angry.

You don’t have control
Don’t let anyone tell you
It is your choice.

You can save lives
Instead you tell yourself
But it’s important so
You should reply.

“Stop this from happening”
It is your job to
Bury the bodies.
Prevent us from having to
Carry this message.

(Now read each stanza separately going up)

More than a mere poem, his movement has touched many lives and inspired those who have been through what he has to reach out to others. His proposal is simple; it asks everyone to not touch their phone while they touch the wheel. In her honor.