Little Eyes are Watching You


I have a question.

Not that you will hear it from my silenced lips,

But, mom?

Did you ever realize the impact you had on me?

My hair, it’s yours,

My humor, from you,

My habits, the same.


Do you wear your seatbelt now?

You never did when I was young,

And so I thought it would be alright.

You see, it’s very uncomfortable,

an inconvenience of three seconds.

Three seconds.

That felt like such a long time,

Right, mom?

In three seconds you could

Send a text,

Flip on the radio,

Turn back and smile at me.

Three seconds held a lot of power,

And your actions showed me

This power is better used on these distractions

Than on the more menial tasks.

Life is valuable,

time is valuable.

So, what’s the use of fastening that strap?

What’s the use of lowering that screen?


It’s funny, you gave me so many instructions

To ensure I valued my life,

“Please don’t drink or use drugs,

Make wise choices with your friends,

Drive safe.”

And I followed all of them,

Or, I followed you.

I copied your behaviors

Like you showed me to,

But now, you cry.

So, Mom?

I ask that you take a second next time,

Or three.

Take a moment to fasten the belt,

Put down your phone,

Keep the radio low,

Because little eyes are watching you.

Don’t cry, mom.

The choice has been made.

Three seconds of bliss,

Then heartbreak.

I thought I could manage like you,

But I’m sorry mom,

I guess that I could not.