Train the Trainers

Our Train the Trainers (TTT) is an intensive workshop designed to help first responders, health professionals, and educators address the number one killer of teens in America—car crashes particularly those caused by reckless and distracted driving.


Our training programs review current research trends, develop a clear understanding of the four primary types of distractions, and teach participants how to implement evidence-based strategies and programs for teens and their influencers.

More specifically, our programs cover Graduated Driver Licensing laws; the importance of making good choices like avoiding distractions, wearing seat belts properly, driving at speeds safe for the conditions, and speaking up as a driver or passenger; and other best practices.

Just as all our programs are designed to engage, educate, and empower, Train the Trainers ensures participants not only learn the material in a compelling way, but also motivates them to effectively share it. It is through this essential training that we have cultivated a nationwide network of Impact Teen Drivers ambassadors with whom we are so incredibly proud to partner.

We extend a special thank you to all those that have chosen a life of service.

If interested in bringing any of our evidence-based programs to your school or community, please email us or call (916) 733-7432.

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