High School

Reckless and distracted driving is the number one killer of teens in America. Our free, easy-to-use curricula are available to first responders, health professionals, educators, students, and concerned citizens to help educate their communities and reduce these preventable deaths.


Our programs are high-energy and interactive, and they share real stories that connect with teens, empowering them with evidence-based strategies to keep themselves and others safe. We deliver statistics and facts about reckless and distracted driving in a creative and effective manner. Through our engage, educate, and empower approach we encourage teens to take the lead in peer-to-peer messaging in their schools and communities.

Checkout a few of our high school resources
What Do You Consider Lethal? Classroom Video
Wheel of Distraction
Speak Up Texting
More resources specific for your state are available! Click your state to learn more.