Your Music: Your Mark.

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What sets your favorite song apart from all the other songs? Haunting melody maybe. A voice that is somehow appealing. Maybe no vocals—just a pleasing fusion of auditory vibrations…but your favorite is more than just pleasing, right? Songs with alluring intros and catchy hooks are great, but few frothy pop songs really stand the test of time. What makes a song transcend generational barriers and become an anthem for the ages?

Its message.

It makes you feel something with its message. A powerful message is what divides a ditty from a masterpiece, and what could be a more powerful subject to take on than the number one killer of teens in America? Reckless and distracted driving kills roughly 4,000 teens every year, leaving another 400,000+ seriously injured. Make your mark on the world with a solution-driven piece of music that defies this trend.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a complicated piano piece to make an impact. You don’t have to be a guitar prodigy or play the Didgeridoo to spread a powerful message through your music. There is no age minimum or limit on musical talent, no gender or color or socioeconomic background. Talent is born because it chooses to be born, out of passion and dedication that we believe you have.

Harmony, rhythm, and tempo may all be important components, but don’t let technique intimidate you; the emotional tenor of your message is the most important mechanism for change. Start cultivating your passion today and save lives with your song.

Create Music; Create Real Impact

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