Taking a Comprehensive Approach to Changing Culture

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At Impact Teen Drivers, we use the term, “multifaceted approach” and “comprehensive approach.” What do we mean by that? As an organization, we are constantly adapting and evolving to meet the demands of ever-changing world. The fact that culture is fluid is our organization’s defining ideology; we believe we can change the culture of driving to one that is distraction-free.  In order to do that, we have to understand and work within the existing system, and specifically, address each unique target group in the way that is most effective to them.            

Not only do we have multiple workshops that cater to the various requests of our groups  (What Do You Consider Lethal? Classroom Presentations, Assemblies, Parent-Teen Workshops, Lead the Leaders, Train the Trainers), but we also develop material for culturally and linguistically distinct sectors of people. 

We are making a concerted effort to facilitate more outreach to Spanish-speaking communities, and have developed, and continue to develop, resources in Spanish.

We currently offer the personal story of a young man who lost his life in a preventable car crash, told in Spanish: http://impactteendrivers.org/resources/videos/personal-story/michael-alvarado We also have brochures about Impact Teen Drivers and the issue of reckless and distracted driving available in Spanish, as well as a video about Graduated Driver Licensing:


We offer our classroom video with Hmong subtitles and have a multitude of videos with closed captioning to ensure we reach the deaf community with traffic safety messaging. 


Impact’s goal is to best serve law enforcement, first responders, health professionals, teachers, student leaders, parents, and all the people working tirelessly to improve their communities and keep their children safe. Because of this, we really listen to your feedback, and try to accommodate your needs.  Please email info@impactteendrivers.org with how we can assist your community in promoting teen safe driving!