Distracted Driving is Learned Behavior

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Wayne Adkins, the owner and operator of Stop ‘N Go Driving ‘N Traffic School in Roseville, has observed that teenagers get the idea that it’s safe to drive while using the mobile phone (texting and talking) because their parents do it all the time.

“Parents are the one’s influencing their teens,” said Adkins, “These things I know from 17 years of being an instructor. They pass on their habits because they think their skills are ‘all that’ and the most interesting thing I hear from parents is: ‘I have been driving for 20, 30, or 40 years’”. 

Adkins encourages parents to consider the following:

  • Your teen does not have your years of driving experience. She needs to learn correctly.
  • Most parents have not read the DMV driving handbook in years and don’t even know the process of getting their teens’ a driver’s license according to today’s standards
  • Many parents do not make the time to ensure their child gets the proper training, which can translate to decisions leading to collisions.

“The harsh reality,” said Adkins, “is that young people who are killed in collisions resulting from speeding or texting or some other form of irresponsible driving have made a choice not to be safe. It’s not an accident.”

And Adkins asks folks to consider the following irony: Driving is a Personal Individual Responsibility (PIR), which is RIP backwards.

(Excerpt from The Authority In Me: The Power of Family Life in the Network Culture - A Parent’s Voice in the Cyber Wilderness - to be released this summer on SmashWords).