Going the Extra Mile…Literally

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Parents are the #1 influencer of their teens’ driving behaviors and attitudes. Many parents have suffered their fair share of eye-rolls and exasperated shrugs from their teenage children and may be surprised to know this. But from the moment a child’s car seat is turned to face forward, he or she is picking up cues from the driver. It is therefore crucial that we encourage positive role modeling.

Not only do parents have the obligation to become exemplary drivers, but they also are often tasked with teaching driving from the passenger seat as their protégé embarks upon the journey to solo driving. We have all heard parents joke about how terrified they are to drive with their teen while said teen is brand spanking new behind the wheel, but that isn’t that all the more reason to spend those hours helping your teen practice? It is absolutely essential that parents go the extra mile (literally and figuratively!) to make sure they are providing their teens with the tools to stay safe on the road.

Impact Teen Drivers offers effectual Parent-Teen Workshops to provide an abundance of life-saving information and resources to engage parents in their teenager’s driving education.  The workshop promotes dialogue between teens and parents about important driving safety topics, including distracted and reckless driving, seat belt use, passenger responsibility, and state Graduated Driver Licensing laws. 

If you are interested in bringing a Parent Teen Workshop to your community, please contact Info@ImpactTeenDrivers.org to schedule one for the 2014/2015 school year ASAP. If you live in California, thanks to the support of the California Highway Patrol and the Office of Traffic Safety, you can host a Parent-Teen Workshop at your school free of charge.