Engage to Educate: Evidence-based Saves Lives

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At Impact Teen Drivers we know our materials and programs work because they are evidence-based; we test them and update them, and then test them some more. We test and update constantly because we know teens are a moving target, and are dedicated to serving communities with the most effective traffic safety material possible. 

Our organization’s priority is to be effective in empowering teens to make good driving decisions, and also have systems in place to ensure sustainability in spreading the message. Our framework is such that our programs can be easily used and adapted by anyone who so desires. We facilitate direct outreach, but we also offer trainings to empower educators, law enforcement, health professionals, concerned community members and the like, to deliver our programs in their communities. Even people who have not experienced an Impact Teen Drivers’ training may visit our website to get all the information and resources necessary to use our programs.

The core presentation of our teen campaign is entitled, What Do You Consider Lethal? This hour-long presentation can be given to teens in a wide range of settings, in classrooms, theatres, gyms, etc. during school hours or after school hours. It is broken into 10 steps, with an accompanying guide delineating the objective and format of each step. One may choose to incorporate specific steps into his/her existing traffic safety messaging efforts or use the 10 Step in its entirety.

Check out our 10 Step Guide here: http://www.impactteendrivers.org/resources/lesson-plans/presentation-out...

Also, if you are interested in hosting an Impact Teen Drivers Education Outreach Coordinator in your community, email info@impactteendrivers.org today to get something scheduled. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our programs or making an end-of-year donation—100% of which will go to educational programming, please make a donation online or contact us directly.