Dr. Kelly Browning presents to GHSA

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The Governor’s Highway Safety Association 2013 Annual Meeting took place this August in San Diego, CA. Over 600 traffic safety representatives attended this year's meeting, which offered a variety of panels, presentations, and talks around the theme of technology. Impact Teen Driver's Executive Director Dr. Kelly Browning was in attendance, presenting on ITD's unique program and its effectiveness.

“It's always encouraging to see how many people there are committed to traffic safety truly wanting to do the best thing. To be able to come together from all over the country to share ideas and learn what is happening so we can do a better job saving lives is refreshing and inspiring,” said Browning of the event.

In explaining Impact's relationship to technology, Browning commented; “The reality is that technology is here to stay and it's going to continue to evolve. We can make all the best tools and devices, but ultimately it is always going to come down to someone choosing to make the right decisions [about reckless and distracted driving]. It isn't a question of if technology is for us or against us. It's a tool we need to use to change driving culture, specifically to communicate with teens because that's where they're at, that's how they're communicating.”

Impact Teen Drivers has worked hard to gather and develop the best tools and practices in reaching teens with the vital message of just how dangerous reckless and distracted driving is. As an organization, they're proud to offer these methods and resources to safety partners and others committed to saving teen lives. Browning reported a very positive reception to Impact's program, as well as multiple new potential partnerships.

Through a unique, multi-faceted approach, Impact Teen Drivers uses video, interactive modules, print, audio, and presentation formats to bring teens face to face with the dangers of distracted driving: the number one killer of teens in America.