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Sammantha Pierce, a high school student from Phoenix Texas, recently wrote an article for her high school newspaper regarding the 2012 Create Real Impact contest:

Since 2007 Impact Teen Drivers have been working together every year to help save thousands of reckless teen drivers, and this year they are adding a little twist.

Impact Teen Drivers is an organization set to prevent teen driving accidents. This year between Aug. 15 and Oct. 14 any student in high school or college between the ages of 15 to 22 are allowed to enter a contest to earn up to $500. “I think winning money for my ideas is a really cool thing,” said sophomore Alex Lopez. Students can make a video, music video, a creative writing assignment, poster or t-shirt to win the prizes.

All the materials used, filmed and preformed must be original in nature and creation. Any music, photos or footage students borrow must have expressed written permission for their creation. To submit a creation students have to submit online at and use the links instructed to enter. After the contest closes voting will start in Oct. 15 and ends the 29, then judging for the entries with the most votes will start. Students can vote up to 10 times a day for any entry they like. The judges will judge off of idea of the piece, effectiveness of the message and creativity.

The things students can make for this contest include a video, that has to be two minutes max and uploaded to YouTube and Impact Teen must be tagged in the video. A music piece, two minutes max, it must be uploaded directly to the Impact Teen Page online, with song lyrics. A creative writing piece between 100 words and 1,200 words, also directly uploaded to the Impact Teen website. “I would like to do the creative writing one because I like to write,” said junior Katie Soldinski. A t-shirt or poster containing artwork is also accepted in the contest, students just have to upload the file to the Impact Teen website.

“I would totally do the video, it’s a great time to make new memories and try something new” said junior Ryan Voyer. "

By Sami Pierce
Staff Writer