Blood and Gore, Please No More

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Research shows that emotional appeal has more impact on changing long-term behavior and attitudes about driving, so we can ditch the guts and gore. Leave the blood to the Vampire TV Shows.

Impact Teen Drivers (ITD) approaches the issue of driving safety in a very different way than the driving programs of decades past, because the culture is very different.

 Some fifty years ago, Alfred Hitchcock’s, Psycho, shocked the world in a scene that would now be considered quite tame and possibly even tasteful. The shower scene with its iconic music syncing with the stabbing and the blood in the bathtub indicates gruesome injury without actually showing a single wound.

All one has to do is turn on the daily news or watch a popular video game to understand why this generation is so desensitized to graphic content. The Internet has further changed the cultural landscape, where an image of violence or death is only a few clicks away. And the more readily available these images become, the more anonymous the victims become, rendering the cause of death irrelevant or inevitable. 

Impact Teen Drivers (ITD) works to reverse this trend by connecting with people on an emotional level thereby empowering them to make conscious changes in their own driving behavior. We do this by sharing the true stories of teens who have lost their lives in 100% preventable car crashes, depicting real and relatable people, their hopes and dreams, and the idiosyncrasies that made them special, unique. Instead of scaring audience members or participants, ITD centers on evoking empathy so that they may connect to the issue on a very personal level. When people become emotionally involved, and comprehend their own role in the issue, they make positive changes in their own life, and are inspired spread the message to others.