Lead the Leaders

Impact Teen Drivers offers resources to community leaders including first responders, educators, health professionals, parents, and teens themselves. In addition to the vast collection of free and downloadable resources, a two-and-a-half-hour training is offered to support student leaders in fine-tuning their peer-to-peer traffic safety messaging—Lead the Leaders. This educational training program empowers teens and young adults to fight against reckless and distracted driving in their own communities.

With numerous peer-to-peer organizations already working tirelessly to promote safe driving, Lead the Leaders is designed to support the efforts already being made. Its evidence-based curriculum fosters creativity and initiative, providing the building blocks for student leaders to execute a successful advocacy project. 

Projects may range from elementary and middle school mentorship programs, to parent-teen workshops, to teen traffic safety weeks. They can also choose to get involved with the Create Real Impact Contest, an opportunity to showcase art, music, video and creative writing that addresses reckless and distracted driving. This unique contest offers a platform to speak out and create real impact as well as a chance to earn educational grants for both students and schools.

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Lead the Leaders Core Components

  • Total time: 2.5 hours educational program + training
  • Part 1: “What Do You Consider Lethal?” presentation
  • Part 2: Free, Downloadable Resource-Exploration, Advocacy Training,  & Action Planning

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