Our Efforts

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Since our creation, Impact Teen Drivers has been actively planning, developing, and delivering awareness. This has been done through educational materials and programs on teen safe driving with emphasis on the dangers of distracted and reckless driving. Impact Teen Drivers started out as a California-based program that partnered with the California Highway Patrol to deliver the teen safe driving message to California high schools, and has developed into a nationally respected program working with various first responders, educators, health professionals, and traffic safety advocates throughout the United States.

During our first two campaign years, free classroom materials (posters, DVDs, stickers, statistics, etc.) and t-shirts were sent to every public high school in California, reaching over 1 million CA high school students.

The Impact Teen Drivers program received such a positive response from teens, educators, law enforcement agencies, parents, and community members that during the 2009/10 school year the program expanded into 27 states.

We believe that peer-to-peer-led projects can help motivate teens to make smart choices that save lives. In the fall of 2009 Impact Teen Drivers announced the Create Real Impact contest.

The Create Real Impact contest challenges teens to creatively represent the teen safe driving message through multiple formats (video, music, art, and writing). Part of the judging for the projects is done online driving teens and community members to our website to vote for their favorite project while learning more about teen safe driving.